Mountain View TLC is a joining of multiple disciplines all focused on providing resources needed for individuals to enjoy health and wellness. The one-pointed focus of this collaboration of professionals is on helping clients recognize that they have ultimate responsibility for their own emotional, physical and spiritual happiness and that this happiness is simple to attain when given clear instruction and then applying this guidance.Health is a physical state of being and Wellness is the attitude towards ones physical health. Recognizing that no one is ever truly broken is the ultimate goal of health and wellness teaching.

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Dr. Kirsten “Kicki” Searfus

Kicki’s core goal as a family physician is to provide clinically excellent, evidence-based, patient-oriented, highly personalized healthcare while seeking to enlist the patient as a true partner in achieving wellness. Key to this approach is recognizing the health impacts of physical, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle factors and providing both support and education so that patients can acquire the insight and tools they need to achieve optimal health. Ready access to like minded nutrition and fitness professionals available on-site at Mountainview TLC significantly improves my ability to support these goals.


Marissa Kleinsmith, MS, RD
Nutrition Coaching for Optimal Wellness

Marissa is an integrative nutrition coach with special interests in ancestral health and evolutionary nutrition, digestive wellness, food sensitivities/allergies, and blood sugar regulation.



Judith Vanderryn, Ph.D., LLC
Psychotherapy and Behavioral Health

Judith is a licensed clinical psychologist whose specialties include working with people with chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and depression.  She uses the “biopsychosocial approach,” which means that she and her clients pay attention to the whole picture of their functioning, including physical status, social networks, and internal states when working towards the client’s goals.  Judith is excited to be working with other practitioners with similar styles and philosophies to provide truly holistic behavioral health care.


Kevin Dehlinger, CSCS, CES
Exercise Physiologist

My focus is to enhance and train the body for function. True function requires focusing on muscular balance and training movements that replicate how we function in our daily lives. Joining the practice at Mountain View TLC only furthers the focus on function. By incorporating all aspects of health, exercise, nutrition, and emotional wellbeing, the group of professionals at TLC can truly enhance your health and performance.

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